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Belinda Hornsby Cox

Belinda’s legal practice offers the highest-quality bespoke advice on the full breadth of family and private client law to clients from a wide range of backgrounds.

Private Client

Belinda is a highly experienced, well-respected private client practitioner, advising individuals on their wills and estate planning, probate and the administration of trusts and estates. She acts for individuals and families from all walks of life. The probate cases she deals with, for example, range from those worth millions to those worth a few thousand pounds. We look after families through the generations. Our clients are often loyal third or fourth generation families. This loyalty is a testament to the service Belinda provides.


Belinda has more than three decades of experience acting for clients in the field of family law, including divorce, separation, pre-nuptial agreements, financial settlements and disputes involving children. Her clients value her ability to deliver clear, pragmatic advice with sensitivity.

She is an experienced collaborative lawyer, who believes passionately that the resolution of family disputes without going to court can only benefit the ongoing relationship of those involved, especially where young children are involved. However, where litigation is the last option, she will defend her client’s interests with the utmost tenacity.

How Belinda works

Regardless of the area of law, the characteristic that defines Belinda is her ability to connect with her clients and quickly make them feel comfortable and supported. One of the things she enjoys most about being a lawyer is that her long-standing clients often become friends.

When Belinda takes on a case, her clients are met with an outstanding combination of expert practical advice tailored to meet their individual needs and an above-and-beyond personal service. It’s what makes her stand out in a legal landscape where clients often don’t know who they will be speaking to next about their case.

And should you have concerns about your case, she will always go the extra mile to find time to talk to you, providing a steadying hand, guiding you through any issues with empathetic, honest advice. As professional colleagues say when they refer their clients to Belinda, ‘you are in safe hands’.

Professional qualifications and memberships

Belinda studied Business at the City of London Polytechnic before taking her Law Society Finals at the University of Law, Guildford. She then joined Belmont & Lowe, becoming a partner three years after she joined.

Belinda is a member of The City of London Group, a practice group of London collaborative divorce lawyers, which debates practice problems relating to collaborative law and other forms of non-court dispute resolution in family matters. One of the advantages of being a member of this group is that Belinda is part of a network of other collaborative lawyers. As she says, ‘If I have a client and we need to refer their spouse to somebody else, then I’m confident I can refer them to a lawyer who will deal with their issues in a non-confrontational way. And hopefully we can all get around the table and chat and not incur unnecessary divorce costs’.

Belinda is a long-standing member of STEP, the worldwide professional body for solicitors who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning. It promotes high professional standards and education for its members, who adhere to their code of conduct, attend specialist conferences to keep knowledge relevant and are continuously updated on the latest developments.

Belinda is a member of Resolution, a professional organisation whose members are committed to promoting a constructive, non-confrontational approach to the resolution of family disputes and matters. Members follow a code of practice that promotes a constructive approach to family issues that considers the needs of the whole family. It encourages the use of other routes, such as mediation, arbitration and collaborative practice, rather than going to court.

When not in the office

When she isn’t working for her clients, Belinda is the Queen of the Dinner Party (she likes to use that as her official title). She loves having friends over to her house in Suffolk, where she hosts the best New Year’s Eve parties. Her twins, Indigo and George, when not at home, are both at university in Oxford and York, respectively. Belinda and her partner, Trevor, love holidaying in France, touring the chateaux and restaurants, sampling the food and wines of the regions on their way. A recent, and surprising, development over the last couple of years is a love of raising chickens. She and Trevor look after their brood of six chickens whenever Sergeant, their Skye terrier, allows. These birds are probably the best looked after chickens in Suffolk; their quarters resembling something from Grand Designs. Belinda also loves outdoor photography and is passionate about seeing the wildlife on safari in southern Africa, the artworks from these trips decorating her home.

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